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Can I place a Special Order?

Please email all special order enquiries 2 weeks ahead of you desired date.
This allows time for all details to be established, any manual invoicing that might be required, etc. to all be completed a week before the date it's needed.

We aim to cater for all needs within our confines.

Can I order a smaller quantity than is listed in the web Shop?

Unfortunately the quantities shown are the minimum batch order

Can I order a larger quantity than is listed in the web Shop?

Just order the nearest amount to the number you desire, then email us with the quantity you want to add.

Eg. If you desire x 15 cupcakes.
Order x 12 of the cupcake you desire & email us that you need an additional x 3 cupcakes to add to your order.
We'll then invoice you for the additional x 3.
Please ensure you email us the addition at least a week before your order date

Can you deliver my order?

We recommend simply ordering an Uber to pick up your order at the time you specified you want to pick up, and get them to deliver it to you.

As unfortunately due to the unpredictability of staff requirements for hosting Cupcake Decorating Parties and other function requirements, we're unable to guarantee we could deliver every order placed in the time frame required.

Can I cancel my Catering order?

Catering orders can be cancelled no later than 72 hours prior, and must be in writing via email to both: